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Here you can find BritNed's past and present consultations. These consultations concern BritNed Access Rules and TSO obligations under the European Network Guidelines.

Open Consultations            
 Single Methodology for Cross Zonal Intraday Capacity Pricing (opened 11/04/17)

Previous Consultations
 Regional Design of Long Term Transmission Rights (closed 08/03/17)
 BritNed Access Rules and Border Specific Annex 2018 (closed 07/02/17)
 Consultation on Multiple NEMO Arrangements (closed 28/11/16)
 CACM Fallback Procedures (closed 15/11/16)
 Scheduled Exchanges (closed 06/11/16)
 BritNed Border Specific Annex and Access Rules 2016 (closed 13/06/16)

 To access approved methodologies by the Regulators click here.