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28 okt 2014

BritNed’s Intraday Product – Access Rules Modification

As part of the review of our Intraday product, BritNed has submitted a request to amend its Access Rules to the regulators in Great Britain and the Netherlands. This submission follows a 28-day public consultation in line with the requirements of our interconnector license. This period ran from 18 August to 15 September and we received positive feedback from our Participants on our proposal to reduce the lead times between nomination gate closure and the affiliated auctioned time periods. Ofgem and ACM’s statutory three-month review window will conclude on 30 December 2014, at which point we hope to receive the necessary approval to launch the new Intraday product. We believe that this new, more flexible product will improve the liquidity of the intraday market and, above all, better serve our Participants’ needs. For more information on the proposed change to the BritNed Access Rules and BritNed’s new intraday product, please feel free to get in touch with our Customer Services team via email at customer.enquiries@britned.com.